About Pond of Dreams

Since our establishment in 2017 in the vibrant community of Wyandotte, Michigan, Pond of Dreams has been dedicated to bringing the exhilarating spirit of professional hockey right to your fingertips. We specialize in offering a curated collection of game-used and new prostock equipment from teams across the NHL, turning your passion for the game into a tangible, authentic experience.

Our Hockey Heritage: Nestled in the heart of Michigan, where the love for hockey runs deep, Pond of Dreams was born out of a fervent desire to connect fans with the essence of the game. Drawing inspiration from our rich local hockey culture our journey began as a celebration of the sport we hold dear.

Pond of Dreams Distinction: What sets Pond of Dreams apart is our commitment to authenticity and quality. Our collection features game-used equipment, giving fans the opportunity to own a piece of their favorite team's history. From jerseys to sticks, gloves to helmets & much more, each item tells a story of the grit, passion, and dedication that define NHL excellence.

Our Promise: At Pond of Dreams, we pledge to provide our customers with a curated selection of prostock equipment, ensuring that each piece meets the high standards expected by professional athletes. Our dedication to authenticity and passion for the game drive us to deliver an unparalleled experience for hockey enthusiasts.