At Pond of Dreams, we are thrilled to launch our impactful initiative, "Sticks for Wins," a celebration of triumphs on the ice and a commitment to giving back to the communities of Colorado. For the upcoming 2023-24 NHL season, we are proud to announce that, for every game the Colorado Avalanche wins, Pond of Dreams will donate a game-used Avalanche stick to a local charity.


The Concept: "Sticks for Wins" is more than just a gesture; it's a powerful commitment to supporting the Colorado community. For each victory secured by the Avalanche during the 2023-24 season, a game-used stick, bearing the battle scars of an actual game, will be donated to a local charity in Colorado.

The Impact: With this initiative, Pond of Dreams aims to make a difference in the lives of those in need. The donated sticks will be distributed to local charities across Colorado, providing both hockey enthusiasts and those facing challenges with a unique piece of Avalanche history.

Community Collaboration: We believe in the power of community collaboration. We invite the Avalanche fan base and the broader Colorado community to join us in celebrating each victory and, in turn, contributing to the well-being of fellow community members.

How It Works:

Cheer for Victory: As the Colorado Avalanche triumphs on the ice, celebrate knowing that your team's success is directly impacting local charities.

Watch the Impact: Follow Pond of Dreams on social media and our website to stay updated on the sticks donated, the charities supported, and the positive stories emerging from our community collaboration.

Be Part of the Legacy: Every game won is a step toward building a legacy of giving and community support. By participating in "Sticks for Wins," you become an integral part of this powerful movement.

Join Us on this Journey: Pond of Dreams invites you to be a part of "Sticks for Wins." Whether you're a devoted Avalanche fan or a philanthropist with a passion for community impact, your support will make a real difference. Together, let's turn victories into opportunities for positive change.

"Sticks for Wins" – where the thrill of victory meets the joy of giving.